Protect your business from online threats

With the ever-increasing use of e-mail, web browsing and extended networks, all IT infrastructures are becoming more vulnerable, which is why we make security an integral part of every solution we offer. We’ll look at the nature of your system and how critical its functions are to your business, and create a solution that strikes the right balance between your need for security and the practicalities of your budget. We’ll pay particular attention to: Data sensitivity and encryption Closing ports on routers and firewalls Remote access risks Laptops with locally stored data. The simplest measures we can take to enhance your security are the standardisation of your IT infrastructure and the implementation of a clear IT policy for your staff to follow. Beyond that, we can also make recommendations and devise solutions for: Virus protection Infrastructure design Firewall design and configuration VPN (Virtual Private Network) design and implementation IDP (Internet Datagram Protocol) implementation and tuning Server hardening DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) security implementation.